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The process of treating data such that it cannot be used for the identification of individuals.
See Anonymisation.
See Application Programming Interface.
Application Programming Interface
A way computer programmes talk to one another. Can be understood in terms of how a programmer sends instructions between programmes.
Attribution Licence
A licence that requires attributing the original source of the licensed material.
Attribution License
See Attribution Licence.
BitTorrent is a protocol for distributing the bandwith for transferring very large files between the computers which are participating in the transfer. Rather than downloading a file from a specific source, BitTorrent allows peers to download from each other.
Comma Separated Variables. A very simple, open format for tabular data which can be exported and imported by all spreadsheet applications and is easily manipulable with command line tools.
curl - a command line tool for transferring data to and from online systems over standard internet protocols including FTP and HTTP. Very powerful and great for working with Web API s from the command line.
See Data Access Protocol.
Data Access Protocol
A system that allows outsiders to be granted access to databases without overloading either system.
A piece of software for collaborative real-time editing of text. See
Intellectual property rights
Monopolies granted to individuals for intellectual creations.
IP rights
See Intellectual property rights.
Formats that are machine readable are ones which are able to have their data extracted by computer programs easily. PDF documents are not machine readable. Computers can display the text nicely, but have great difficulty understanding the context that surrounds the text.
Open Data
Open data is data that can be used, reused and redistributed freely by anyone for any purpose. More details can be found at at
Open standards
Generally understood as technical standards which are free from licencing restrictions. Can also be interpreted to mean standards which are developed in a vendor-neutral manner.
Public domain
No copyright exists over the work. Does not exist in all jurisdictions.
Share-alike Licence
A licence that requires users of a work to provide the content under the same or similar conditions as the original.
Share-alike License
See Share-alike Licence.
Tab-seperated values
Tab-seperated values (TSV) are a very common form of text file format for sharing tabular data. The format is extremely simple and highly machine-readable.
An API that is designed to work over the Internet.